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Product Description
GlacialTech Igloo SS Series SKD Packages are designed for high power LED lamps. The professional design and precise production craft deliver good and stable quality. Flexible light sources layout and various accessories are helpful for designers to quickly pick up the lighting solutions.
Standard Igloo SS Series Heatsinks Information
  SS80 Plus SS120 Plus SS150-V2

Dimension (mm) 244x140x100 370x134x115 244x 200x100
Weight (gram) 1470 2930 2185
Material Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Color Black Black Black
Reference system
Power (watts)@40J
COB:~145W COB:~200W COB:~220W
m-chip:~95W m-chip:~165W m-chip:~170W
Dimension (mm) 290x200x110 400x200x110 400x270x110
Weight (gram) 3195 4315 5750
Material Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Color Black Black Black
Reference system
Power (watts)@40J
COB:~275W COB:~315W COB:~320W
m-chip:~200W m-chip:~235W m-chip:~300W
•  The reference system power is based on power efficiency is 95% and case temperatures of
    single COB and m-chip are 120 and 95 J.
•  The single COB solutions of Igloo SS120 PLUS, SS150-V2, SS200-V2, SS250 and SS400 are
    based on heap pipe solution.
•  If Igloo SS400 is designed for multiple COB then reference system power could reach 400W
     (eg. 6 pcs COB).
Features and Benefits
  •  Support COB and multi-chip LEDs.
  •  Reference system power up to 320 watts.
  •  IP66 rated, suitable for outdoor applications.
  •  Adjustable multi-angle stainless steel mounting bracket including screws.
  •  Customized for screw holes, heatsink size, brackets and heat pipe layout are available.
SKD Packge
Igloo SS80 PLUS
Igloo SS120 PLUS
Igloo SS150-V2
Igloo SS200-V2
Igloo SS250
Igloo SS400
Glass Lens:
Waterproof Components:
Thermal Interface Material:
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